The best ventilation, for the best crop development

Filters air back to pristine condition

Injects Co2 into your garden

Eliminates the need for oscillating fans

Balances air handlers to create the perfect equilibrium within your garden enviroment

Multi-directional air flow eliminates condensation buildup inside of the duct.

Specially developed with an antimicrobial treatment.

Flame resistant to ensure safe use within commercial garden applications.

Fully washable in a commercial washing machine.

No Need for Oscillating Fans

The Virgin Air’s EVEN-FLOW Duct system replaces the need for oscillating fans in the garden. In the past, standard wall mount, ceiling mount, or floor mount fans have been needed to balance the air in the garden. Fans are not only used to balance cooling and heating but also to circulate CO2 in the garden. Balanced air movement when gardening indoors replaces natural outdoor air movement, allowing the plant to build stronger plant tissue creating the rigidity to support itself.

Standard oscillating fans are an inefficient method of balancing the garden, as air movement will be concentrated near the fan and significantly less across the room. Wind burn can be created near the fan and can cause a lack of plant growth, air moving too quickly can limit CO2 absorption, which is required for plant growth. Lastly, fan blades collect dust overtime and eventually will slowly move that dust around the room, increasing the rate of garden blights such as mold or botrytis.

No Need for Carbon Scrubbers

Our EVEN-FLOW system cleans air through two modes of action. First, our system is designed with an antimicrobial coating that will kill mold pathogens on contact in real-time during operation. Second, a pre-filter traps dust, while another premium RC/48 carbon filter traps particulates as fine as smoke, and even the garden scent. Air so clean, we call it Virgin.

No Need for Unbalanced CO2 Injection Points

Our EVEN-FLOW duct system injects CO2 into the garden automatically. Every cubic foot of air within the garden has a perfect balance of CO2, ensuring that every plant has the intended availability of CO2 necessary for robust growth. See more consistent plant growth throughout the garden while providing an ultra-efficient use of CO2 to maximize your investment.

Commercial Grade Long-Term Performance

The Virgin Air Even Flow System is designed to balance even the most extreme environments. Our durable air duct system offers a 10 year warranty and the forced air mix-flow fan has a 5 year warranty. Our premium RC/48 activated Australian carbon filters are designed to operate for 1-2 years before needing replacement.

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