Fully Automated Climate Control

Climate control directly effects the quality of the product produced

With our unique climate control system, you can maximize production, create better crop uniformity, and increase product quality and yield. Our climate system is the most energy efficient in the industry, positively affecting your cost per gram over competitors’.

Our proprietary design is so balanced that we can ensure your garden has less than 1.5% difference in temperature, humidity, and CO2. We have the only system in the industry that offers such tight operation parameters.

We have over 20 years of experience installing water-chilled systems in hospitals, research and development centers, universities, server data centers and cannabis production facilities.

Virgin Air water-chilled systems have been installed throughout N. America.

Other climate systems use dehumidifiers in their garden design – we save you money and space by building this into our delivery system.

Our goal is to have the most developed system in the industry that covers the entire environmental supply chain. Cool-Heat-Dry-Clean-InjectCo2-balance

Our water-chilled systems are built with redundancy to ensure performance longevity without any interruptions- ever! We supply 5 ton -100 ton chillers that can handle the largest gardens in the world.

Service and support. We supply a system that easy to maintain and will NEVER require a technician to come near the garden. Virgin Air has a large support staff and network to answer all questions and ensure the highest level of success for years to come.

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