Your garden’s environment is the most critical aspect to quality and yield.

Virgin Air Even-Flow Ducting

Systems are designed to be quickly installed. This system is ready for immediate use and does not require balancing. Our Even-Flow ducting system is designed for years of use in a commercial garden operation.

Multiple Configurations

Co2 injection, air filtration, balancing of garden environments and supply of cold or hot air are most of the garden applications that we offer. We can customize our systems for any application. Please contact us for more information.

Special Suspension Systems

While it is typical for our Even-Flow Duct Systems to operate 24 hours a day we have customized options for garden applications where this is not the case. We offer suspension systems to keep duct systems open while air movement is stalled.

Commercial Grade Long Term Performance

The Virgin Air Even Flow System is designed to balance even the most
extreme environments. Our durable air duct system offers a 10 year
warranty and the forced air mix-flow fan has a 5 year warranty. Our
premium RC/48 activated Australian carbon filters are designed to
operate for 1-2 years before needing replacement.

Even-Flow by Virgin Air is specially developed with an antimicrobial
treatment that is especially suitable for garden applications where mold
is a key concern. In addition to a surface which prevents microbes from
breeding it also kills pathogens on contact.

Even-Flow by Virgin Air multi-directional air flow eliminates
condensation buildup inside the ducting when cool air is being
distributed into warmer rooms. The duct gently breathes the conditioned
air through the full permeable fabric surface to ensure a gentle exit velocity.

Even-Flow by Virgin Air is flame retardant to ensure safe use
within commercial garden applications. Due to Even-Flow’s exceptional
strength, you can have peace of mind through a 10 year warranty on any
of the three models.

Even-Flow Ducting by Virgin Air is fully washable in a commercial
washing machine. This ensures top class hygiene and IAQ improvement. In
most garden applications washing is recommended every 3-5 years.

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